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Top Marketing Trends for 2018

Top Marketing Trends for 2018 Tom Dennis is VP of Brand Strategy at ExperiPro, marketing insights and brand strategy firm in the Dallas area. He is serving his third term as President of the Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Saving the world one brand at a time, Tom is a frequent speaker on the importance of branding and company culture.   Top Marketing Trends for 2018: 1) Brand Development – Telling Your Story 2) Customer Journey 3) Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing All of the talk about “brand” over the last decade has companies realizing that their...

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Introduction to SMB Financing

Introduction to SMB Financing Sahnya is the CEO | Owner, and editor of the SMB content hub  She has been working in the online publishing business since 2003 and has written over 500 articles and presented at more than 100 SMB and Diversity events.   Introduction Entrepreneurs need better access to capital to build, sustain and transform their communities. Cash shortages occur for many reasons. Seasonal business cycles Run out of cash flow to maintain daily operation Looking for financial support to grow Lack of support and rejection from traditional financial institutions. Any of the above may make...

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Security Tools You Need to Use

Security Tools You Need to Use Keith is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Global Infrastructure Services at Universal Weather and Aviation, a billion-dollar international aviation services company that operates 50 locations in 20 countries. Anti-Virus and PC Firewalls: Install and regularly update software firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware programs collectively referred to as Endpoint Protection. These software programs can help to protect the data on your computer, and can easily be purchased on the web or at your local office supply store. The best products will cover all of these features and can be used on...

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What is Your Company Image

Connie Rankin, LEED® AP President & Best-Selling Author God Gave Us Wing. CRES + Associates 713-468-3833 What is Your Company Image? Company Image A company image is an accumulation of the opinions, impressions, beliefs, and visions people experience about you, your products and services, your employees, and your company as a whole. Office spaces create either a positive or negative impact on your company image, depending on the type of services you provided. For example, if you design computer software, repair shoes, or have an import/export business, you most likely get very little foot traffic — then...

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Employee Performance Reviews

  Trisha A. Barita Attorney at Law Barita & Keough Law Firm, PPLC Main: 713.239.5617 Direct Tel: 281.788.7963 Fax: 713.456.2707 Employee Performance Reviews Employee Performance Reviews: Pros and Cons It is coming to the end of the year and for many employers, they will begin the process of the annual employee performance review which is the process of evaluating an employee and their past work performance.  Employers often debate about whether to conduct an employee performance review, how often to conduct them (annually, quarterly etc.), what type of analysis they should include, whether there should be a peer element, whether...

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