Editorial:  Business Intelligence 101: Go With The Flow

Sahnya is the CEO | Owner, and editor of the SMB content hub TexasOnTheGO.com.  She has been working in the online publishing business since 2003 and has written over 500 articles and presented at more than 100 SMB and Diversity events.


Business Intelligence 101: Go with the flow:

To survive in this changing world we have to keep going with the flow.

We can’t live in a reality from the past that only exist in our mind and the operation we are running.

Look around, see what is happening. Create and Implement a #strategy.  Make sure that your #strategy allows your business to keep relevant to the market you are targeting.  Make sure you are targeting the market you intended.  Participate in events relative to your market.  Keep yourself and your company informed of what is happening in your target market and change your #strategy if it needs to change.

If your target audience is not responding it is because they are not getting your message.

Are you sending smoke signals in the era of IoT?

Go with the flow, change lanes, or move to the right-hand lane and let the market pass you by.