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Go Astros and Shop Small Campaign:

Local economy multiplying effect


The Astros win!  The City of Houston celebrated like there was no tomorrow.  Small and Medium Business supported the triumph with messages in their marquees and shared up the city.  With this action, they showed how they support the city they call home, and they celebrated that the city is recovering.  “Houston Strong”.

As part of the “Houston Strong” strategy, we should take into consideration the possibility to have in our agendas the, “Shop Small Campaign”.

Shop Small”, as a marketing campaign was created by American Express in 2010.  The “original” concept was inspired by a more rooted concept of: in the supporting of local business one has a more direct multiplying effect in the local community’s economy.

Wealth & Jobs Creation

When people shop in, “Mom and Pop” businesses or use, “Local Service Providers” they are injecting their money and invigorating their community.  Each dollar returns on average, 3 times more impact than if it was spent at a national chain or big box store.

In a 2012 study of the economic impact of Texas Small Businesses, the Office of the Governor found:

  1. Texas Small Business represent 98.6% of Texas employers. (Small Business Firms (SBF), is defined by the Small Business Administration as those with fewer than 500 employees).
  2. SBF 100 firms (Employing less than 100 workers) in 2012 generated $13.866 billion in state revenue and $14.965 billion in federal revenue.

Between, “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” let us have a “BIG as Texas” “Shop Small” Saturday. We can help “Mom and Pop” businesses statewide start the holiday season in a stronger position, especially in those areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Strong sales will help the state-wide economy to recover.

As a Business let’s make sure we take an extra step to participate in the “Shop Small” campaign.

Here are some ideas on how to do it.  

As a citizen of this, “The Great State of Texas”, let’s make sure our store owners become, “Texas Strong”, and as community and neighbors let us come out to support them November 25, 2017.

Go Astros!

Houston Strong!

Texas Strong!