Life is too short…

Sahnya Shulterbrandt


Life is too short not to…

  • Perservere
  • Dream

This is WHY

One day, many years ago (January 3, 2001) I launched my first online publication, Revista INTERFORUM.  It was before social media as it exists today was born. It was before “CONTENT” was a core marketing competency. In those days, I started to write online. It was before everyone wrote, just for the pleasure of writing or the need to be heared. I later launched another two sites, one for SMB and another for Women in Business.  In those days, my sites were among the first content generated in Spanish.

I moved to Texas “as soon as I could” (2004) and the urge of writing, sharing experiences and learned lessons stood well with me.   Navigating the maze of Entrepreneurialship and understanding how the business scenario was working in my new home was a very time consuming experience.  I wondered “WHAT IF” I could have someone “WHO WOULD” take me by the hand and give me some insights on how to do things?

That’s how TexasOnTheGo was born in 2007.  We grow to +39,000 subscribers that received our newsletter weekly.  A recognition from the city of Austin inspired us to keep moving.  Later on down the road with my divorce the ownership of the site wasn’t defined clearly. I had all the possible problems not to pursuit my dream:

  • English is not my mother language;
  • Access to capital;
  • No enough tech knowledge;
  • Could not access to the old site and migrate the hosting to my new platform;
  • Lost space and leadership in the community because the time I spent dealing with the divorce issues and trying to get the ownership of my site back from the hands of my former husband;

The list of “WHY NOT” kept getting longer and longer.  I had another businesses.  I remarried. I stood by my dream: be a bridge in the community to help other business owners to shift, empower themselves and accomplish their goals.   I did everything in the book to go back to my dream: hired several coaches, shifted my mind set from “I can’t” to “Lest try again”.  I retrained myself and I got the support of my new husband!

After 8 years I turned it into a reality again.  I turned doubt into reality, and here we are!

I share this to show anyone who’s been taught that you “CAN’T DO IT!” That with a lot of hard work and dedication we can defy all limits. Dare to dream, and be brave enough to execute.

About TexasOnTheGO

This is about what are you seeking for your business? Where can WE help you?  What can we do to help you have the quality of life you need for you, your family and your business?

A balance between being an entrepreneur, a human an a family member.

Please tell me, what do you think life is too short for?

For me LIFE IS TO SHORT to not pursue TexasOnTheGo.Com