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Written by Texas Rebel Radio   
Monday, 01 February 2010 10:04

a mess of - unit of mass          

dern near - almost          

et - as in  "I et to much attha barberque, Myrtle"

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Plumb - totally          

goshdawg - exclaimation          

dawg - four legged animal found under the porch          

dawggonnit - exclamation of frustration          

high tail it - go at a rapid speed          


hit the road - leave          

hollard - yelled          

didjya ever - have you ever          

Wanna - want to.          

Smackdab inda middlof - directly in the middle          

Shootfire - of course         

 auda do - should do          

aughten to - ought not to          

a spell - come on over a visit a spell (a while)          

dadgumit - curse word of exasperation          

a fur piece - measure of distance          

Where 'bouts you from? - What is your hometown          

Howdja git here? - reason for ones relocation          

Mosey on down--walking in that direction.         

 gotta skeedaddle lickety split--have to leave "right soon."          

A hoot and a holler - close          

Zackly - precisely.     "I don't know zackly where in Texas darlin' Rhonda hails from."          

Zat-is that? "Zat yo dawg? He's the spittin' image of you!"          

Yo-possessive of you. "What's yo name, sweetheart."          

Continya-continue. "Let's continya "speakin' suthun." This shore is fun!          

Gimme-give me. "Gimme smore biscuits smothered in gravy."          

Ail-sick or ill. "Gimme smore ale so I can cure what's ailing me."          

Bad off-in real bad shape.  "Jim Bob's in the hospital and boy is real bad off! He didn't even recognize his dawg!!!"         

Beholden--indebted to. "I'm right beholden to ya for loaning me that thar huntin' dawg."          

Cheer--furniture used for setting. "Pull yourself up that thar cheer and setchursef  down for a spell."          

Shore 'nuff--sure enough.          

Drank--a drink.  "Wanna drank somethin'?"         

Get by with--to get away with. "Bobbie Sue will never let you get by with that farfetched story."          

Figger--figure. "Peggy Sue's got a great figger!!!!"          

Jest--just.  "Jest married."          

Skeeters and chiggers-damn bugs that annoy the "hale" out of a person.          

Nuf - Nuf said (enough)          

Earl - Hair Earl, Motor Earl (oil), Radio Earl (aerial).          

Eyetalian - my daughter is marrin' that Eyetalian (Italian) fellow.          

Didji - Didji know or didji hear (did you)         

Pony-ac - I'm going to buy me a brand new Pony-ac (Pontiac).          

Yeller - I going to buy me a brand new yeller (yellow) pony-ac.          

Auta (should)-"I auta go to work but ahm tared."          

Barn (born)-"I was barn in Texas."          

Ded (not alive)-"He ded."          

Suppah (supper)--Suppah comes after dinnah.          

Catchup--Pass the catchup so I can catch up with ya.          

Ain'tcha (aren't you)--Ain'tcha goin' to ask me to dance?          

fixin': A'm fixin to quit this silly stuff

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