Kim Pollard

Founder & President


Kim started her company with a laptop, loyal client, and a heart full of Faith ten years ago. This Texas girl’s passion for helping other small business owners succeed has contributed a great deal to her own, Now National, company’s success. Her authentic, entrepreneurial bigger than life personality continues to inspire others to success!

Your Company “BS”

Your financial BS (“BALANCE SHEET,” Keep it clean folks!) is the biggest piece of financial literacy you need to implement and understand every week.

Regardless of the financial software or what bookkeeper, (maybe you’re doing your own books and keeping track with a pen and paper every week) running your operations from your balance sheet is the number one MUST to achieve financial success in your business! Knowing every week how much money you have in the bank, who owes you money, and who you owe money to will keep you focused on growing those profits. Do you realize you can create a balance sheet in less than one minute?

Take out a pen and paper (or napkin). Now, write down how much cash you have in the bank. Next write down the amount of money people owe you, and last, write down how much you have put into the business. Now, add up your assets (the total from your cash in the bank and who owes your money), then subtract your liabilities and equity (the total of how much money you owe and how much money you have put into your business). Abracadabra, there is your balance sheet. Start with this piece of financial literacy, then go collect your money, pay your debt, and GROW your business!

Much love and luck as you continue to turn your passions into profits with that Lone Star business of yours! is a national bookkeeping company that provides weekly and monthly online bookkeeping services to small business owners.

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