Top Marketing Trends for 2018

Tom Dennis is VP of Brand Strategy at ExperiPro, marketing insights and brand strategy firm in the Dallas area. He is serving his third term as President of the Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Saving the world one brand at a time, Tom is a frequent speaker on the importance of branding and company culture.


Top Marketing Trends for 2018:

1) Brand Development – Telling Your Story
2) Customer Journey
3) Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing

All of the talk about “brand” over the last decade has companies
realizing that their brand is bigger than their logo. It is every
touchpoint they have with their customers (and prospects). At the
heart of the brand is how a company tells its story. Does the
marketplace really understand what they do? So many companies are
talking to their customers in the same way they did 20 years ago –
even though their customer profile has changed significantly (in age and

Once a company has their brand in order, they are focusing on the customer
journey. From how a potential client first experiences the brand
to the marketing efforts and the entire sales cycle, from order fulfillment
to billing and collections, if a company fails at any one step,
they can easily lose the customer. Every company should have
someone that owns the customer journey, and that usually falls to

Finally, the topic of the day has been measuring the Return on
Investment (ROI) of your digital marketing efforts. As with every marketing
channel, a company shouldn’t spend money if they don’t measure the
success of their efforts. These days, it is easy to set a baseline,
identify the metrics to measure, create reports and evaluate the
results – all while working the achieve the company’s goals.