The UTMB Galveston “White Coat” ceremony.

When do medical students become indemnified as doctors?

Their legal status changes at the completion of the “White Coat Ceremony”.  This is the ceremony at which 1st year medical students get their first white medical coats identitifying them as doctors.  What can be said about the ceremony in which I was aloud to participate is that it is a celebration of the students and their families for getting to this point.

My Niece was one of those participating in this event today at UTMB Galveston.  Over 230 students of all races and genders we indoctrinated and indemnified for their next 4 years of study.  These women and men have already compleated a 4 year STEM degree, past the MCAT test and had to pass lengthy interview process.  They then get to wait for 6 to 8 weeks to find out which programs are interested in taking them on as students.

The next four years are not a given and a significant number of these students could fail to meet their 2021 graduation date.

This is what our Mellinial children are accomplishing with their lives.  I am heartened and encouraged that here in Texas we are able to put stereotypes of age, race and social economic status aside and support the brilliant individuals in their quest for knowledge and service.

Congradulations to all the medical students of the 2021 class of UTMB Galveston and all other medical programs near and far.