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Floods in Houston: Economic Aftermath

An in-depth look at how Houston’s businesses are recovering post-flooding, focusing on resilience and recovery strategies.

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Dallas Hail Damage: Insurance Claims Rise

Analysis of the surge in insurance claims in Dallas following unprecedented hail storms, and what it means for local businesses.

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Agricultural Losses in West Texas

Exploring the impact of severe weather on agriculture in West Texas and the ripple effects on the supply chain.

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San Antonio's Flood Prevention Measures

Review of San Antonio’s investments in flood prevention infrastructure and the benefits for business continuity.

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Economic Trends

Power Outages in Austin: Business Interruptions

How frequent power outages in Austin are affecting businesses and what measures are being taken to mitigate this issue.

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El Paso Sandstorms: Visibility in Commerce

Assessing how sandstorms in El Paso disrupt local businesses and commerce, with a focus on mitigation strategies.

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Coastal Erosion Near Corpus Christi

Investigating the economic impacts of coastal erosion near Corpus Christi on the tourism and fishing industries.

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Tech Disruptions in Plano Due to Lightning

Exploring how tech companies in Plano are dealing with frequent lightning strikes and the associated disruptions.

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