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  • European Carriers Attempt to Consolidate with IAG and British Airways Bid For Aer Lingus
    The New York Times reported just last week that the International Airlines Group (IAG) made a failed bid to take over Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus. IAG, one of the largest airline conglomerates in the world, currently operates several of Europe's largest carriers including British Airways and Iberia. In adding Aer Lingus [...]
  • What Will Putin Do Now?
    Putin’s options now are very limited, but they will likely get better in time. No one knows what will happen in six or twelve months. It is quite possible, even likely, that an opportunity will present itself and Putin is looking to pounce.
  • The Key To Evolution: Multiple Mutational Pathways In Sequence
    Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller has been patiently refuting the bad arguments of creationists for years. But his latest is a beauty that every high school and college biology teacher should add to their reading list.
  • In Brazil, A Rivalry Of Christmas Towns
    If green Christmases are your thing, but palm trees wrapped in white lights don’t put you in the spirit of the season, then boy does Brazil have a town for you. Actually, make that two towns. Gramado and Canela enjoy a Christmas rivalry like no other. You know how it is [...]


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